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Boise Mold Removal

Tylor Desilet
PO Box 785
Caldwell, ID 83606

June 29, 2024



Task 1.0

Tear off the roof to allow for new 50yr. roof to be installed. (This will include all dumpster and labor costs)







Task 2.0

Installation and materials cost of 50yr. Malarkey Highlander Nex Shingles 

50yr. Malarkey Smartstarter Strips

50yr. Malarkey Ridgeflex 12″ Hip n Ridge Cap 

2×4″x10′ Dripedge

1 unit 4x4x12″ Stepflashing

2 pcs 3×5″x10′ Roof to Wall

9 Pipe Jacks 3n4

2 boxes 4’x12″ Lomanco Ridge Vent

20 LF Intake 9″ 

3 boxes 1 1/4″ Coilnails

1 box 1 3/4″ Coilnails

3 Boxes 1″ p-caps

1 tube of caulk 1 can of paint

Secure Start HT Ice and Water on eves and ridge.

(This price includes labor and materials)







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We expect payments upon the completion of the job. There will be a 3% interest charge per month on late invoices.

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