Issued: April 24, 2024 by:

Boise Mold Removal

Tylor Desilet
PO Box 785
Caldwell, ID 83606
Due: May 8, 2024 to:

Distaster Kleenup

Payment Pending

Task 1.0

18137 Evening Rose (PO 0455-MLD) -176 linear ft. -$250

8560 Pink Bud (PO 0449-MLD) -180 linear ft. -$250

18132 Rain Dance (PO 0461-MLD)-190 linear ft. -$275

14321 Skys End Dr. (PO 0304-MLD)-152 linear ft. -$200

11430 Skys End Ct. (PO James hasn’t made)-123 linear ft. -$175







Total Owed

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Thank you for choosing Boise Mold Removal.

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We expect payments upon the completion of the job. There will be a 3% interest charge per month on late invoices.

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