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Boise Mold Removal

Tylor Desilet
PO Box 785
Caldwell, ID 83606

September 5, 2023

Payment Pending

Task 1.0

Initial payment for the estimate that was submitted by insurance (The client should have a breakdown of the estimate from the claims adjuster. This estimate is subject to change under the approval of the client as possible changes at happen)







Total Owed

Info & Notes

Please take a chance to review your estimate and click accept.  For payments over $1000.00, we require 50% of the payment.  The price is subject to change if scope of work increases.

Terms & Conditions

We expect payments upon the completion of the job. There will be a 3% interest charge per month on late invoices.

Balance of $8,607.91 is Overdue Make a Deposit Payment

Make a Payment

Select your payment amount below.

Deposit due $4,303.95
Current balance $8,607.91

Select the PayPal button below to be redirected for payment. A receipt for your records will be sent to you. Thank you very much!

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Status Update 35 days ago

Status changed: Draft to Pending.

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