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Boise Mold Removal

Tylor Desilet
PO Box 785
Caldwell, ID 83606

February 22, 2024



  • 6282 S. Lone Tree Ave. Boise


Task 1.0

Remediation of various spots in the attic. (The growth is location in 3 areas and will be treated with an antimicrobial treatment that eliminates and prevents mold growth. This treatment of the attic holds a three year warranty that is transferable with the home.)







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Please take a chance to review your estimate and click accept.  For payments over $1000.00, we require 50% of the payment.  The price is subject to change if scope of work increases.

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We expect payments upon the completion of the job. There will be a 3% interest charge per month on late invoices.

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