Our Products at Work

Welcome to the “Our Products at Work” page of Boise Mold Removal. Here, we showcase the transformation of mold-infested properties into healthy and safe environments with the help of our top-quality products and professional services. We understand how frustrating and dangerous mold can be, which is why we use the most advanced products and techniques to remove mold from your property. Our before and after images demonstrate the effectiveness of our products and the quality of our work. Browse through our gallery and witness the difference our products make in restoring properties to their pre-mold condition.

Boise Mold Removal

Boise Mold Removal is the most trusted choice in the Treasure Valley for mold remediation. With several years of experience, Boise Mold Removal is among the top companies in the Boise, Meridian, Kuna and Nampa areas. We specialize in remediation of crawl spaces, attics, and any other mold concerns. Our company only uses a top of the lined mold removing chemicals. Our aim is to take care of our clients in a prompt and timely manner.


Mold removal prices can get extremely high, with Boise Mold Removal you have a guarantee of a price that is worth your investment. With the mold removal chemicals that we use, the mold will not only be killed, but also the staining is removed. Boise Mold Removal cuts costs in some areas, but will not do so with the products they use.

We provide a broad range of services to home owners, buyers and sellers, real estate agents and home inspectors. We know that getting every area of any home handled quickly is a must. We know that our clients have different needs for mold remediation, and we cater to their individual needs. We make every situation and process clear for our clients which allow Boise Mold Removal to excel in our market. We know our focus and strive to be the best in the business.

We work with an insured third-party inspector who warranties our work, assuring that all mold is eliminated and that any health concern is handled. The process we use removes the mold in the contaminated areas and then eliminates any further growth. With different options on how we test for mold such as visual inspection, direct sampling or air sampling, we guarantee that removal has taken place properly. Affordable mold testing is sometimes not an option, but with Boise Mold Removals package deals, it is easy to get sampling completed. On top of mold remediation, Boise Mold Removal also specializes in construction solutions. From roofing to sub-flooring, every concern in a home will be restored or renovated with the highest quality services. We value customer service and ensure customer satisfaction. Call or email us at any time to get a free estimate.