When it comes to mold removal companies in Boise, Boise Mold Removal is your specialist. With some of the most reasonable pricing in the Treasure Valley, we aim to bring value to our services. We know how difficult it can be to go to sell your home when the inspector finds mold. With our pre-inspection at no cost will we find any issues before the buyer even has a chance to step back. Call us today for your free inspection.

Basic Protocol

(Procedures vary upon scope of work)

The remediation process includes the removal of the contaminated area that mold has begun to grow on. In some extreme cases the contaminants cannot be removed without replacement the deteriorated area. In most cases spraying micro killing agents can and will eliminate any future growth. In certain areas the contaminated area must be contained with the proper procedures. The way the containment is made is dependent on where the mold is located. Then Boise Mold Removal eliminates mold-like substances with a HEPA-filtered vacuum when one is necessary. After the mold-like substance is eliminated by a HEPA vac, Boise Mold Removal sprays down the contaminated area with a Sodium-based mold killing agent that is guaranteed and registered through the EPA. With the basic protocol Boise Mold Removal will give warranties for remediation as deemed fit.

Visual Inspection $150

(With written certified report)

Boise Mold Removal aims to provide profession services that guarantee the removal of mold. As a benefit to our clients we work hard to add something that other remediation companies don’t. This service is third party pre and post inspections. These inspections give our clients the options to see if an area is mold before you call in the remediation. Or our post inspections add a lifetime warranty on the removal of a contaminated area. With these visual inspection there is documentation that can be written for from this third party company to validate any removal and add extra documentation for clearance of contaminated areas. The visual inspections allows for swab testing at an additional cost. These tests are sent to a lab that determines if the contaminant is mold and if it is what type of mold it is

Air Sample

(From outside inspector)

With the Air Quality testing, Boise Mold Removal will also give a visual test of contaminated area/s. Just like the swab testing, there are next day results that confirm the results of the air quality in any given area. The tests are done on the outside of house first and then they are pulled on one area on the inside. For any additional areas inside the home, Boise Mold Removal charges a minimal fee. These readings are then sent to a lab for results. Once the report returns, the report can be given to the client to determine if an area is a concern for air quality. There is also an opportunity for our clients to get an in-depth analysis of the report by one of our certified professionals..

Warranties Provided on Work!

(With written certified report)

Boise Mold Removal aims to give you fair mold removal prices. Our mold removal chemicals allow the contaminated areas to return to like new conditions. With our affordable mold removal and affordable mold testing, Boise Mold Removal is a company that is a customer’s best choice. Mold remediation prices can get high, but with Boise Mold Removal can cut cost with the cost-effective products.

(All pricing is subject to change at the discretion of Boise Mold Removal. Jobs may be priced accordingly on the scope of work.)